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The Power of Scheduling Your Workouts.

When it comes to fitting in a workout, most of us claim to do the best we can with in our busy schedules. There is a correlation with not scheduling workouts and not working out often enough.

There is a difference with “finding time” and “making time” Adding workouts to your daily schedule make it a part of your day, just like a meeting at work or a scheduled appointment.

There are a myriad of perks to your health and overall life. Here are some of the key benefits of scheduling workouts.

You are more committed:

When you schedule your workouts, they become more routine. They become much like anything else you do every day, such as brushing your teeth, washing your face or walking the dog. The more ingrained your workout routine becomes in your normal day, the more consistent you will be. Before long it will be just normal for you to pack your gym bag for the next day after you pack your lunch for the next day.

Your workouts are more balanced:

A scheduled workout allows you to be consistent and to develop a balanced workout of strength, flexibility and cardio. When workouts lack consistency, we may lean on performing one type of training, exercises or workouts we do more often.

You’re more likely to incorporate rest days.

Rest days are not optional, but rather essential. They allow your muscles the necessary time to recover form physical activity. When you have a scheduled workout routine, your body will welcome rest days. It’s more impactful then if you worked out once or twice a week, then took several days off.

Your workouts are more social:

When you work out consistently, in a scheduled fashion, group training, fitness classes or with a personal trainer they become part of your social circle and you are less likely to skip days. Beginning in 2023 Aspen Fitness will be offering group training classes grab some friends and sign up. Classes will be on zoom so workout with loved ones across the country. Contact me for more details.

You can track your progress:

Scheduling helps keep you on track toward your goals. Join the Aspen Fitness App, for scheduled workouts and track your progress.

You commit to more things in life:

Scheduling workouts can potentially help you to schedule and commit to other things in life too. When one area of your being becomes more manageable and orderly, it is easier for other aspects of life to follow the same course.

Ready to schedule your workouts? Need help starting let me know? Aspen Fitness and Nutrition offers a variety of programs to help you meet your health and wellness goals. Contact me for more information.


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